Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Specialized Techniques: Lasik Eye Surgery Procedures (Part-II)

In our last post we discussed about Thin Blade Lasik Surgery, which is one of the lasik eye surgery procedures following at Selkin Laser Center. Today, we will throw some light on Large Zone Ablations and its usage.

Large Zone Ablation is helpful for patients concerned about night vision or those who have large pupils. In this advanced treatment, Dr. Selkin applies smoothing pulses around the outer edges of the cornea after correcting your prescription. The procedure creates a treatment that is larger than your pupil size, to reduce risks of glare and halos at night.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Specialized Techniques: Lasik Eye Surgery Procedures (Part–I)

Selkin Laser Center follows various lasik eye surgery procedures. In the current and forthcoming posts we will discuss all of them in detail. For today, let’s focus on Thin Blade Lasik Surgery.

In some cases, patients who have corneas that are too thin to correct their prescription with traditional LASIK can have LASIK by creating a thinner flap. By creating a thinner flap, one has more room to work with in treating one’s prescription. Dr. Selkin is extremely conservative and will only perform procedures in which he maintains a corneal thickness that he is comfortable with. This is why, in over 55,000 laser vision procedures; he has never had a single complication from treating too much corneal thickness.

We will discuss about other specialized techniques in future posts.

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